From rags to riches! Debbie Ryan

Gutter kittens find a home the old fashioned way!

615914_10151044566352574_1039622632_oDebbie Ryan, a long time Let’s Adopt! supporter and animal rescuer in her own region, noticed kittens in the back of a gutter near her workplace. After heavy rain, she saw the rain had flushed the newly born kittens out of the gutter into the parking lot. They were soaking wet and she didn’t even think they would still be alive! She picked them up and took them home. She later on also managed to catch both the parents, Goldie and Hank! “Hank is the daddy – I had to rescue him too, as he was limping and being chased at night by coyotes. He loves the kittens and is a laid-back kinda guy.”

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gutter hank goldiekittens gutterkitty gutterkittens3

gutterkittens gutterkittens2 gutterkitty2

hankdaddy“After many weeks posting in the “digital” and “social media” world, and not able to find a home for these kittens, I decided to take matters into my own hands and go back to my old-school ways. I asked the manager of my local “Natural Grocers” ( a great food-market in my neighborhood) if I could sit in front of his store with the kittens, and try to find homes with the store’s loyal following (mostly tree-hugging, animal-loving, environmentally-aware and interesting people).

Mission accomplished. I found 5 wonderful homes for these kittens I rescued from that rain gutter 8 weeks ago. And you know what.. I thoroughly enjoyed it because I also met some wonderful people, had in-person conversations (no texting or online exchanges), had children come back to the store on Sunday to check if the 2 remaining babies (“Bruiser” and “Rodeo”) had found a home (they did), made friends with the locals that included the owners of the new, local hardware store… and spent all of Saturday and Sunday immersed in the world of pure human-contact and conversation. Fuck technology. People and conversations get things done.”

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