The stories of Charley and Dino (USA)


If you click on the picture, you’ll be directed to a video about Charley and his adopter Mr. Johnny Costa. Charley was found in a deplorable state and needed surgery and months of rehabilitation. He found a home and traveled from Spain to the United States, at no cost for the family who adopted him. Why for free? Because that’s one of the basic principles behind Let’s Adopt! Global. Founder Viktor Larkhill feels that by asking an adoption fee, it is like selling the animal. Instead, he involves tens, hundreds and even thousands of people, among them animal lovers, activists, advocates and other friends to animals, pet owners, caretakers, vet techs and vets. They all contribute in their own way, whether monetary or by sharing their knowledge, by sharing the pleas to help via social media, or simply by being part of the bigger picture behind Let’s Adopt! Global as a c o m m u n i t y that cares.

It’s this community who succeeds in getting dogs like Charley on their feet, literally, and running to their new homes. Yes, the animals do travel around the globe. Yes, it does cost some money, and effort, and patience often. But it’s this community who agrees and knows and is aware, and who supports the vision and philosophy that every life matters, every life has value and merit. Inspiring humans is part of the Let’s Adopt! Global slogan, and next to effectively helping the rescued animals, it’s an essential part of the whole thought and awareness process. So Charley is home now, and in the aftermath of getting him safely on his flight, another emergency caught the attention of Viktor Larkhill and Raciel Fernandez, LAG’s Vice President and Treasurer in Boston.

This little guy’s name is Dino.
DinoThis sweet little doggy was run over by a car, and thanks to the kindness of Sergeant Joe Leeman, a Boston police officer who arrived at the scene, Dino was taken to vet emergency instead of to the local pound where he would most likely be euthanized. Viktor and Raciel were at the same vet and saw Dino who had a broken back. They transferred him to the clinic LAG works with and Dino was operated on with success.