Almost time to say…


There comes a time when, at a crossroads, you find yourself wondering which way to go. We, the group of Let’s Adopt! Global supporters who founded this blog, feel that everything the public needs to know about the haters and the lawsuit is in this blog. We’ve spent many months, nights and hours helping the LAG community of animal rescuers, fosters, adopters and donators any which way we could think of. And in a world where animal abuse alas is still very much part of the normalcy people prefer to ignore instead of fighting it, there will always be a high demand for the few who do care, who do act and who do try to counter abuse.

We are done fighting those haters, and any other hater for that matter. We will use our energy and attention to serve a purpose beyond the darkness of closed minds, envy and paranoia. We’ve seen enough of the treachery only human nature wears as if it’s a comfortable gown, seamed with misguided righteousness and a higher morality than the one that’s left behind. We’re a little emotional about this, and a little sad. But we’re done.

The Dark Side of Animal Rescue, however, will remain in orbit, so don’t worry! We will have many more, albeit some slightly different goodies to share with you along the new route we’re taking, so stay tuned 😉

Until we meet again!

Support for Viktor Larkhill

Viktor shared an email he received and the blog he wrote a few months ago about the brand name Viktor Larkhill. It’s heartwarming to see the responses of LAG supporters!



And here’s a comment from Misha Dee, a well-known animal rescue activist who has worked closely with Viktor and fostered and adopted LAG animals.
One of them is the incomparable Marlon…