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gossipblogIT’S A PITY we have to bring this to your attention, but it is necessary in order to fully comprehend what’s been going on for a couple of years now. Today’s entry is all about the Canadian blogger (view his reaction to this entry here and a retweet here) referring to a dismissal back in April whereas the lawsuit is concerned. That dismissal was vacated by the judge, so the detractors who considered themselves off the hook in triumphant excitement as can be witnessed in Facebook and Twitter, will again try not to answer their door, hide at the neighbors they detest or pretend they moved to Saturn.

If you go to the blog’s Facebook page, you can see a cosy get together with some familiar names if you have read the press release about Let’s Adopt! Global’s lawsuit. We really don’t feel we should post any screenshots or their comments here, you best go there to see for yourself! Please don’t forget to check the other posts about this subject, you can’t miss it, just click here and here or on >>previous<< two times on top of the picture to see those.

What we will post here, is a quick analysis of the content of that Canadian blog, because it shows exactly WHY Let’s Adopt! Global filed a lawsuit against those detractors. It is in every word, every sentence, every not so subtle hint and accusation, or conjecture, speculation and selectively shared information to suit their obvious agenda: to damage, disrupt, sabotage and destroy the work of the animal rescue community Let’s Adopt! Global. And for people who are supposed to be all about the animals, they sure talk a whole lot about m o n e y, don’t they?

It’s easy to conclude the Canadian blogger must have initially waited for any official announcement made by Let’s Adopt! Global about the reversal of the dismissal. But because he and the other detractors seem very impatient and experienced in jumping to conclusions and the gun as well, the blogger published his own interpretation of events. It also appears to be he deems himself properly equipped to speak on behalf of Let’s Adopt! Global, addressing their donors (?) and as the cherry on the cake, even boldly accuses Let’s Adopt! Global of hiding facts from their donors.  WHICH IS US. We strongly disagree there! What can we say that hasn’t already been said in previous blog entries… Maybe just one photo or screenshot which will be self-explanatory?

So please allow us to indulge in a bit of nostalgia. Our first tweet in Twitter!

twit destroylag2

This is a featured article in the renowned Jakarta Globe, a major newspaper in Indonesia for cosmopolitans, expats and well-educated Indonesian citizens and foreigners. It’s an interview with the director of Let’s Adopt! Indonesia who besides being an excellent photographer and mother, is a devoted animal rescuer in the tradition of the Let’s Adopt! vision. The wild accusations in the Twitter screenshot above are pretty embarrassing, to say the least. Luckily, we, the worldwide animal rescue c o m m u n i t y know better! <3

Carolina Fajar

Carpe Diem, by Barbara Zach-Miller

B + D

Barbara Zach-Miller is the author of the book Lady May: Memories of an Old Dog. The protection of animals is one of her greater passions in life. She lives with her husband and their five dogs in Switzerland.

I have often wondered if people are born loving animals, if this special kind of love is an inborn trait, like curly hair or blue eyes. I do know that loving animals – all creatures that walk, fly and swim the globe – has always come as naturally to me as breathing.

As I grew older, my love of animals deepened with the realisation that they are far superior to us in their innate understanding of life’s secrets

Over the years, I have learned how to live from the lessons my dogs have taught me and, when the time comes, I hope I have also learned from them how to die. Animals possess the enviable ability to live completely in the present. For them, each new day is a beginning to be explored with a wagging tail and boundless enthusiasm, and when night falls, they tumble into a restful sleep until sunrise. Not for them, the brooding over past events or the trepidation about what the future may hold. Carpe diem, is the maxim they live by.

BaxterDancer with green bone

During the past ten years, I have become increasingly involved in animal rescue, doing what I can to support under-funded, under-staffed shelters cope with their Herculean tasks. This work also included adopting dogs to live with us, in some sad cases, only for their final weeks of life.

All dogs are the same lovable creatures to me, but the old ones, the age-worn and sickly whose past lives are the stuff of canine tragedy, those dear souls are closest to my heart. There is nothing more enriching than the devotion of old dogs who have lived in a world where there was no place for them.

Our family includes five dogs, who have been abused and abandoned in their native countries of Italy, Spain and Portugal.

What first caught my eye when I happened upon the Let’s Adopt! Global Facebook page was their dazzling claim of being “The most exciting animal rescue since the invention of the dog and the cat”. Now, that must be a fascinating bunch of people, I thought, and proceeded to read their entire history, about the many dogs and cats LAG has saved and turned around from being the most wretched, medically hopeless cases imaginable to becoming animals bursting with health and joie de vivre.

One by one, LAG takes in animals that no other rescue group will touch, usually because the dog or cat is terribly sick and not expected to live, or has suffered such severe trauma that state-of-the-art surgical intervention is required. It takes a dedicated and loyal donator base to finance such expensive and frequently prolonged treatments. And, indeed, LAG is able to mobilise tens of thousands of animals-lovers worldwide in support of their work.

No one involved with LAG would ever dream of giving up, of not moving heaven and earth, to ensure that every animal is given the best fighting chance of becoming whole and healthy again. The sheer dynamism of each rescue mission, from the hands-on saving of an animal, to its rehabilitation and ultimate rehoming is formidable. Each step of the way is faithfully documented in videos, photos and updates, making you feel as if you were right there, on the spot, listening to the beating heart of LAG.

Haircut_S_5_13What also impresses me is that LAG’s animals are rehomed all over the world, regardless of where the adopter lives or where the animal is receiving care. Gone are the geographical barriers of borders, oceans, mountains and deserts, because if an adopter offers a LAG animal the perfect home, then this this lucky creature will be transported across the globe. LAG’s ethos of making the impossible possible, of reaching out to connect with animals lovers worldwide, has created a strong sense of community, made up of people of all nationalities who not only passionately care about animals, but just as passionately care about LAG as well.

LM first day

It is an unwritten law that where there is a force of good, a force of evil will arise in an attempt to destroy it. This axiom has proven true with LAG. There exists a clutch of scandalmongering individuals which is spreading irrational and outrageous lies about LAG and the animals it has saved. The motivation for this grotesque smear campaign is a matter for conjecture. Perhaps it springs from a shameful envy of LAG’s enduring success, its ability to generate large sums in donations? Or does it feed off an odious craving to see a renowned international organisation and its members fail in their declared purpose to save animal life? Trying to delve into the murky workings of such minds is futile. What counts is that these people will one day soon meet with personal disaster as their vicious fabrications collapse in the undefiled light of justice.

There can be no doubt whatsoever that LAG will endure and continue, unhampered, with its trailblazing approach to rescuing animals all over the world. After all, what could be more important to our well-being than the well-being of our beloved animals?

Toolah im Klee_1Walk Oct 2011_2

Meet a Facebook B U L L Y

Word got to us some women, who must break plenty of their fake fingernails typing away around Facebook, think we taint the memory of Lisa Myer by referring to the woman who bullied her for saving dogs from a rescue that bully was targeting. For whatever obscure reason, all those women, including the ones who have been targeting Let’s Adopt! and remember, this particular bully is among the defendants, all those women seem to think they are in their right to harass people and rescues and mess with their operations.

Witch hunt after witch hunt, when will this be stopped?

bully kept public album

That’s why we now post screenshots of a conversation between Lisa Myer and the bully, who is a very pushy type of person who also has the habit of calling people by phone and then give them a third degree about Viktor Larkhill or persuade them to say Let’s Adopt! conducts in unlawful manners. We received such a report and will post about that incident some other time!

Just read this conversation and please, use your mind and common sense. Lisa Myer, bless her soul, as always trying to do good and keep everybody on the positive side. While the bully is showing her true and only colors. Make those people stop what they do!

These screenshots were taken months ago because the album was publicly available in Facebook on the bully’s page, who documented it for all to see, and those who are in Lisa’s list of Facebook friends were witnesses to this encounter, which is just one of many in a long list of how those Facebook bullies operate.

bullying lisa meyer

lisa always trying to do good

Lisa asking questions

piss me off she says

bully bully bully

Spanish haters guilty of deception and manipulation (updated!)

If you click the image, it will take you to Axel’s blog and a video update (scroll down) of Axel’s improved condition! He is doing better every day, thanks to a loyal and caring community of animal lovers, rescuers and friends.

We can’t say the same thing for a group of pitiful people in Spain, who abused the Terms of Service at for their own agenda of harassment, libel and defamation against Let’s Adopt! Global.

The petition is in Spanish and gives the impression people are signing up to ask the Guardia Civil, the police, to investigate the abuse and neglect of Axel, the German Shepherd Dog.

But in reality, as the following screenshot will show, they want the police to investigate Let’s Adopt! Global.


Nowhere in these texts it is said or mentioned that this petition serves to investigate or judge Let’s Adopt! Global:
petition axelpetition axel2

So let us take a look here: they rallied a petition, but under false pretense, playing on the emotion of the public who signed this petition thinking it is solely to find whomever did this to Axel. But instead, these fools in Spain are using the 5000+ signatures to harass Let’s Adopt! Global, as even a limited translator tool can cough up clearly, combined with basic deductive skills.

More truth: How come this group is so interested in finding the criminals who did this to Axel? Without Viktor and LAG they would never have heard of Axel to begin with! They don’t really care about Axel. They only want to do damage to Viktor and LAG and are abusing a petition at to reach their goal. They deceive and abuse the terms of service as pointed out very clearly by this worldwide petition community and website.

Needless to say will be notified of this intentional deception by the Baneados crowd in Spain, as will the authorities in Seprona and legal representatives of Let’s Adopt! Global.

One of the American hate pages followed the Spanish lead, but removed it from their page when they learned the truth. Even they don’t want to get caught up in more trouble than they can handle.

good bad about spanish blog

The Spanish Baneados group apparently saw this blog entry, but is clearly lost in translation (screenshot #2):

baneados reply2

No, this blog is not an official Let’s Adopt! Global blog. This blog is maintained by Let’s Adopt! Global supporters who wanted to take things outside of Facebook.

No, we can not speak for LAG and say whether they want or do not want the neglect and abuse of Axel investigated. We are not Viktor, nor any of the board members.

What we can share, is our own opinion on this, as LAG supporters. Let’s Adopt! Global is an animal rescue community, their focus is on getting the animals all the medical care they need. Let’s Adopt! Global is not the animal welfare police, chasing those who abused and neglected animals. They sometimes shame those who commit crimes against animals, yes, as they did shame the vet who butchered up Dobermann Ayten Hope, who has made a spectaculair recovery and who is now living happily ever after with her new family in Germany. But trying to find the culprits responsible for Axel’s situation? Why should Let’s Adopt! Global be made responsible for that? Why do those people in Spain not go after every animal abuser themselves, instead of whining via social media about LAG, whose focus is on animal rescue, providing top notch medical care and a safe new home for their animals.

What we can say in conclusion, by reading closely and comparing notes is the following:

More than 5000 people signed a petition thinking they signed for an appeal to start an investigation into the abuse of Axel, the Shepherd Dog that is now safe in Let’s Adopt! Global’s care. The group of Spanish people however used this petition to try and get the police to investigate Let’s Adopt! Global, which is written all over their blog entry (see screenshot). Their more than obvious implication in screenshot #2 above about whether Axel really was abused “if true course” (should be “if true of course”) shows they want to convey doubt about whether Axel was really found in his deplorable condition or……..


The Canadian detractor/defendant comments on the Baneados page in Facebook. He is a frequent visitor there and like his Spanish friends, fluent in the language of gossip, innuendo and deliberate misinterpretation.

baneados gord

Ignorance is an embarrassment! part II

February 4. The Canadian blogger seems desperate for attention, so we figured to finally give him a spot on our Dark Side of Animal Rescue website.

gord drumrollLet’s zoom in on what the hate page admin refers to. We’ll do this by publishing the blogger’s first email to Viktor Larkhill who sent him the video of Dorian the Husky. It served as an invitation to get to know the organization the blogger wrote about without having any first-hand knowledge! The blogger responded on August 9. Just click the image for a larger version, it will open in a new window.

email gordWe won’t be disclosing the entire email thread in which the blogger was kindly invited by the Turkish representative of LAG in Istanbul to visit and see how Let’s Adopt! Global operates. We will however share some of how Viktor Larkhill answered various questions that had arisen: ( Click image )

Viktor answers

In the following exchange you can see how the blogger praises the work of Let’s Adopt! Global ( I thank you for your reassuring statements ) and Viktor’s response preferring for his answers to not be included in the Canadian blog and explaining why not: ( Click image )

Viktor Gord 1Next we will show you the blogger’s reply to the Turkish representative of LAG in Istanbul: ( Click image )

Gord Turkey

Viktor did as he promised and one day after they corresponded, he unblocked the LAG page for Canada, so the blogger would be able to see the albums and the rescues. (Click image)

Viktor Gord 2No doubt that some of Viktor’s and LAG’s so called detractors will focus on the remark abou the world’s most intelligent and most transparent scammers

completely missing out on the irony or humor with a bite expressing a more than rightful indignation about the blogger’s articles.

Let’s view the situation so far, shall we?

The blogger would take a few days to think of questions he’d like to ask the Turkish representative in Istanbul. In the meantime he was also invited to take a look at the Let’s Adopt! Global albums on their Facebook page.

It remained silent for almost a week. And then…

The blogger did not respond in the already existing email thread, but sent a new message titled Temporarily ceasing communication instead:

Gord finalWe don’t really want to spend a lot of time explaining this blogger’s apparent modus operandi or meager apologetics. Therefore we hope they speak for themselves.

His own words.

Because look at what he said in the secret group he was part of:

Gord-penniesObjective campaign? Really? And 84 cents to keep at it? Harassing Let’s Adopt! Global for making ONE PENNY donations, just so they can post comments on the Chip In page, visible for the public? Because they can’t post on LAG’s Facebook page anymore, and they’re desperate to communicate their … opinions?

The following paragraph is the end of the blogger’s first article. Insinuating that animals may suffer in the hands of one or a select few…

Gord Macey's last sentence blog

(update February 14: there seems to be some confusion about WHY we also refer to an article of the blogger in which he criticizes the actions of a man bringing his dog to a certain rally just to provoke. We point out certain issues and the blogger’s obvious reluctance to name things for what they are, or use the words Muslims and Islam in his article. He wrote in the same way about Let’s Adopt! Global, without mentioning the organization’s name, at first. His reasons and motivation for doing so should not have to be spelled out by us. Further more, as explained as well, our argument against singling out a certain culture or a religion (Islam and the Muslim community at large) to confront about their alleged maltraitance of dogs is based on the travesty of such allegations and accusations, because in our own Western society dogs, and animals in general, suffer immensely at the hands of human beings. One doesn’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian to be able to acknowledge and speak out against the abuse in slaughterhouses, breeding facilities and more specified to dogs, dogs used in dog fights, for breeding in puppy mills, abuse at home or the killing of thousands and thousands of dogs (and cats) in the shelter systems. The reason why we also added a video about early science and its Arabic or Islamic origine, serves the sole purpose of educating those for whom ignorance, and in this matter also prejudice, was or is a conceived notion and belief on which they base the idea that Muslims are merely illiterate savages with primitive values and morals who hate dogs. Check the Facebook page of the Vafa Animal Shelter in Iran or their regular website. Just browse their albums, meet the staff and volunteers (both men and women, and the women wearing their head scarf or hijab) and please, think again. Or visit this page, Good Muslims Love Dogs.
And realize ignorance truly is an embarrassment. We’ll post one of the comments at the end of this article.)

Posture without substance sure seems to have won from sincere benevolence. Let’s take a look at another article from his hand, referred to on the website of The American Muslim, the to stir things up link.

Schermafbeelding 2013-02-07 om 04.41.11


Not once does the blogger mention the words Muslims or Islam. Not once. Why not? What is he afraid of? Just look how he writes Out of courtesy to a culture that is not always comfortable with dogs. A generalization so far from the truth it really is embarrassing. Spoken by an obvious ignoramus in Canada, a western society where BSL (Breed Specified Legislation) discriminates and murders dogs simply because of their race and looks.

The blogger also fails to distinct between culture and religion, which is of great significance in the tiresome discussion whether Muslims do or do not like dogs. We really recommend for you to read Sheila Musaji’s article and then compare notes.

How many people do you know who don’t like dogs? Who hate for them to jump up on them and leave hairs on their clothes? Who do not want for a dog to lick their hands or anything they have to wash off with disinfectant soap as in a compulsive urge? Who only like dogs as long as they stay outside in the yard, on a leash. Who teach their kids to be afraid of big dogs, but fail to tell them about nasty overbred Jack Russell terriers in hyperactive mode 24/7? And how many of these people you know are Muslim, or rather, NOT Muslim?

“in which one party has members that are known to be uncomfortable”

Again an excerpt taken from the blogger’s article. Are these the words of a coward, or a bigot who won’t admit to it, but can’t deny either?

He can definitely shake hands with the admin of a certain Facebook page who shares the same bigotry and takes pride in it whenever she can. We initially wanted to present the both of them together, but the Blogger’s Own Words take up quite some time and space already, we’d much rather save the admin for Ignorance is an Embarrassment part III.

Those who haven’t read Viktor Larkhill’s article about the blogger yet, can click HERE for a full scope on the treacherous nature of certain individuals.

And for anyone with a true open mind, please watch this short movie:


Let’s Adopt! Global “The Truth” part II


We promised in our first article we’d come back to the Canadian blogger. His Facebook entourage points roughly to a 15,000 + likes. Whether his blog attracts that many readers, we really can’t say. What we do know is, that he created a Facebook page, Let’s Adopt Global – Their Own Words which supposedly would serve the purpose of looking at LAG’s posts, pictures, comments and blog entries and offer these as evidence against them (LAG’s founder Viktor Larkhill, the international board members and active supporters in the online community) after scrutiny. In reality, it functions as the trash can, or even simpler put the reject bin,  a bin for Facebook users who for one reason or another got banned from the Let’s Adopt! Global Facebook page.

Now with the Beware page and its original cast of often anonymous and cowardice characters having gone underground (unpublished, allegedly so the police can determine whether any of the comments made by either Viktor or the board members are hazardous threats), the blogger’s page Their Own Words has become Beware2. Some new folks entered their scene, looking for clues or answers or a place to vent their dismay for having been banned from the Let’s Adopt! Global Facebook page. Because yes, Viktor still bans people from the page when it becomes obvious they don’t belong or fit in the community.

Crossing lines now is their trademark. Today we witnessed another such event. Recently, there was the suggestion to tamper with the Let’s Adopt! Global Wikipedia page and speculating about it getting locked so LAG could not edit anymore. A veterinarian who made assumptions and speculated about Tidus’ treatment on the Their Own Words page said she only voiced her opinion on the Animal Cruelty Exposed page, but linked to the Canadian blogger’s hate and harassment page instead. She also suggested for people to contact the Commonwealth in Massachusetts where LAG is registered as an animal rescue and non-profit organization, to complain about LAG’s “unwillingness to comply” which could result in losing their status. Are you licensed to offer such consultations, doctor?



And there is a lot more where all of this came from. Yes. The reject bin.

More background info about how the Canadian blogger got involved with Beware will have to wait. Because right now, we’d like to show you this:

fundrazr comments

 There was a guy who donated via Fundrazr for Baby, a young puppy that needed surgery for having swallowed a pacifier. She is alright, the vet removed the pacifier and the puppy returned home with the people who rescued her and foster her. On the Fundrazr page, the guy somehow panicked and posted comments like the ones you can see in the screenshot above. Yes. The Beware2 admin posted a screenshot of the Fundrazr comments on their hate page. Clearly insinuating something. Which is also clearly being doubted by one of the commenters. But look closely at the comment made by the admin.

“This person has been contacted and given more information, including the fact that the Chipin donated to for Baby is a duplicate.”

Given their track record of spreading lies, hate, a deliberate twisting of words and offering a platform for anyone who wants to lash out against Let’s Adopt! Global, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to put one and one together. We sent the reimbursed donator (LAG’s treasurer immediately returned the donation when he was notified of the person’s public display of distrust) a message asking for more specifics on what information he was given and by whom. And we offered him the plain and simple truth, of course. He in turn offered his apologies to Viktor and Let’s Adopt! Global for misunderstanding and jumping the gun.

Chip in Fundrazr 2013-01-06 om 22.48.44

And this Fundrazr for Baby while there already is a Chip In set up?

The Fundrazr is meant for those who can’t donate via the regular Chip In widget in the blog, often Apple computers or certain types of smart phones that can’t see the widget. It’s always mentioned in every blog, for Apple users to click the link which directs them to the Fundrazr application. It is NOT a duplicate, rather an alternative or complementary tool to make a donation. Purely a practical and technical solution. Nothing to be suspicious about.

No devious intentions to scam gullible people out of their money.

Schermafbeelding 2013-01-09 om 14.04.39

The only scam in this story, is for the hate and harassment groups to continue their implying and insinuating and accusing, with increasing risk for everyone involved to be held more than accountable. All they can do now is dance the dance they paid for by tossing the coins in the jukebox of Their Own Actions.